Palmtec DataCOL


Palmtec DataCOL is a hand-held micro computer It is very rugged, light weight with about 250 - 400 Grams and suitable for the rough environments. It consists of keypad, Graphic LCD, Basic & In Built Scanner / BIOMETRIC MODULE etc, Higher End 32 Bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Battery.

Processor ARM Cortex M3
Power Li-Ion, rechargeable battery
Battery Life Approx. 500 charge-recharge cycles
Charger Portable, compact AC adaptor (190 –240 V)
Display 128 * 64 Graphical LCD with backlight.
Keyboard 30 Key, Alphanumeric, Tactile, 10 million operable.
PC Interface USB Slave Port, IR (Infra-Red) and RF optional.
Host System Any (DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux)
Size Approx. 24 x 4 x 7.5 cm
Weight 250 - 400 Grams
Optional Features BIOMETRIC Module, GPRS Module, SMARTCARD Module
  • Field Data Collection
  • Courier Services Data Entry and Processing.
  • Research Data Collection
  • Sophisticated environments like AC room, Computer furniture & qualified operator also are not required.
  • Virus threat is also ruled out. Since Palmtec is programmed for specific applications, there is no chance for misuses.
  • Though the operation is simple for laymen, security is ensured by data encryption and multi-level password protections.
  • Palmtec can be used in places where keeping (or carrying) a set of PC + UPS is impossible