Bus Ticketing.


Palmtec for Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation Buses  

This is the most potential application of Palmtec. We have got orders for more than 3500 units so far. Our largest client in this sector is Kerala KSRTC. After evaluating 60 machines for 6 months at their Guruvayur depot, they placed order for 2000 units with us. Recently we got order from APSRTC for more than 1000 units. Palmtec can be used either as a hand-held ticketing machine or as a Dash-Board-Mounted machine, to be operated by the driver. It can be charged from the automobile battery.

Palmtec for Ticketing in Private Buses Private bus owners are concerned about the accuracy of the account they get from their staff. Conductors also feel that lot of their time and effort are going into preparing after-ticketing accounts. In spite of sincere effort, most of the time, they loose money and reputation. Palmtec is the one-word solution for these problems. It can issue tickets at minimum key operations. Single tickets can be issued for group passengers. Conductor as well as the owner will get the required reports. More than 500 private buses are using Palmtec for issuing tickets.